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Trailblazer Foundation Rural Community Development in Cambodia


2016 Year In Review

Each year, Trailblazer Foundation directly benefits the lives of thousands of rural villagers in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. By “directly benefits,” we mean that our products and services positively impact the lives of the individuals and families who received them, because Trailblazer Foundation either:

-  directly helped a family in some way (water filter, well, latrine);
-  directly helped a family by supporting an individual in the family, in a way that the entire family benefits (agricultural trainings);
-  directly helped an individual (students attending the school we built);
-  directly helped an institution that, in turn, supported a villager and her/his family (management training for a local Village Fund, which then makes loans to families).

In 2016, Trailblazer, through its products and services, directly benefited up to 4,390 people. If we assume that no one villager, or his or her family, received more than one of Trailblazer’s products or services, then Trailblazer directly benefited a full 4,390 people (a total of all the products and services presented below). However, Trailblazer knows that some families received more than one product or service. For instance, typically, a family that receives a well also receives a water filter. So, in all likelihood, the number of people we directly benefitted was closer to 4,000.

Here is the breakdown of the number of people who directly benefited from Trailblazer’s products and services in 2016:

1)  Water Filters: In 2016, Trailblazer constructed and distributed 468 water filters. Given that one family each uses a water filter, with an average of 5 people per family, through our 468 water filters, in 2016 we directly benefited 2,340 people. 

2)  Water Filter and Hygiene Workshops:  In 2016, Trailblazer provided a water filter and hygiene training for those families who acquired a water filter in 2016. Given that Trailblazer has already included this group of filter recipients in our calculation of “direct beneficiaries” (see #1 above), we have not also included them – as recipients of this workshop – in our overall calculation of 2016 direct beneficiaries.

3)  Wells:  In 2016, Trailblazer drilled 124 wells. With each well serving one family, and with an average family size of 5 people, our wells directly benefited 620 people.   

4)  Latrines:  In 2016, Trailblazer built 4 latrines. With typically only one family using each latrine, and with an average family size of 5 people, our latrines directly benefited 20 people. 

5)  Latrine Training Workshops:  Every family that receives a latrine also participated in a training about sanitation (how to improve it). Since these trainings were given to people Trailblazer already included in our overall calculation of 2016 direct beneficiaries (see #4), we have not added these people again via these latrine trainings.

6)  Agricultural Trainings:  In 2016, Trailblazer provided agricultural trainings to 100 people. With each trainee representing an average family size of 5, all totaled our agricultural trainings will directly benefit 500 people.

7)  New School:  In 2016, Trailblazer built a secondary school. This school has six classrooms, with 40 students per classroom, and two sessions per day. Therefore, in 2016 alone, our school directly benefited 480 students.

8)  Bikes:  In 2016, Trailblazer distributed 100 bicycles to students, so they have an easier time getting to and from school. Based on the needs request we received, we distributed these bikes to students at a school other than the one we built in 2016. Therefore, our distribution of bikes directly benefited an additional 100 students.

9) Village Fund Capacity Building Trainings:  During Trailblazer’s twelve years in existence, we have helped launch 24 Village Funds, a micro-loan program that enables villagers to get the capital they need to start or grow a business. In 2016, we provided capacity building training to most of these village-managed funds.  During 2016, all of the Village Funds combined made a total of 55 loans. With each family that receives a loan having an average of five members, these 2016 trainings directly benefited 275 people.

10)  Sewing Machines to Women’s Development Center Graduates:  Each year, our local partner, the Women’s Development Center, provides a sewing class to eighty women. With sufficient funding, the Center gives each graduate a sewing machine to take home, to use so she can make and sell clothes and other textiles/products. To help meet that goal, in 2016, Trailblazer donated 11 sewing machines to the Center. Given an average family size of 5 people, Trailblazer’s sewing machine donations directly benefited 55 people.

11)  Expanded Sales of Textiles:  Also in 2016, Trailblazer collaborate with the Women’s Development Center to develop a plan for implementing two strategies to increase the sale of textiles being produced by graduates of the Center’s sewing and weaving training programs. As we will not implement these plans until 2017, we have not included these marketing efforts in our calculations of people we directly benefited during 2016.

12)  Farmer Community Group:  In 2016, Trailblazer enlisted three interns to conduct a feasibility study of our desire to launch a Farmer Community Group, through which these farmers would grow crops specifically for sale to stores and/or restaurants in Siem Reap City. As we will not implement these plans until 2017, we have not included this new farmer cooperative in our calculations of people we directly benefited during 2016.