Our four program areas—health, food security, education, and economic development—represent a well-rounded strategy for not just giving our partner communities a proverbial fish, but helping them learn how to live in ways that are self-sustaining. Trailblazer Foundation sustainable community development in Cambodia.

Trailblazer Foundation chooses our projects based on an annual local government assessment of village needs. We are honored to be one of only a handful of NGOs invited to this annual meeting. Through this bottom-up process, the villages themselves identify their needs. Their requests, in turn, direct our annual activities, which are “developing ripples of sustainability through community water projects."

You can find a PDF version of our introductory brochure hereAs well, the video and slide presentation below provide a more comprehensive introduction to Trailblazer Foundation.​

Our Staff

Trailblazer Foundation's four  staff work in both Cambodia and the United States. Our three staff in the U.S. work remotely in Colorado, California and Oregon. Also, our Cambodia affiliate, Trailblazer Angkor, has eleven staff who implement Trailblazer's four programs.

Trailblazer Foundation

Rural Community Development in Cambodia

Trailblazer Foundation

Rural Community Development in Cambodia

Our finances

Since its inception, Trailblazer Foundation has been a "big bang for the buck" organization. We keep our expenses low through our commitment to hire Khmer workers, as staff of our affiliate Trailblazer Angkor. In 2016, we increased our budget by 40% to meet increased demands for our services.

Our mission: 

To improve health, food security, education, and economic development in rural Cambodia

 in ways that are self-sustaining by the individuals and communities we serve.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors hail from the United States, Cambodia (although now living in the states), and Canada. They bring experience in non-profit management, health,  education and job skills training, sustainable development, and the ways of Cambodia and its culture.

​​Trailblazer Foundation ​

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Trailblazer Foundation

Our Story

Trailblazer Foundation was founded in 2004. The co-founders chose the name because they were blazing a new trail in rural community development, by being the first non-government organization to work in the rural villages of Cambodia's Siem Reap province.