​January 2017

We welcome the Rotary Club of Scarborough to the family of Rotary Clubs that have supported Trailblazer over our twelve year history.

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January 2017

Thanks to Aaron Youngberg for "picking" Trailblazer as his beneficiary on this unique sounding opportunity. Sweet music to our ears.

Summer 2017 Funding Appeal
Help Us Purchase New Well Drilling Equipment

Funding Needs and Donor Good Deeds

March 2017

Friendly Planet Travel once again showing how supportive they are of Trailblazer Foundation.... we are grateful!!!

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Trailblazer Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Organization 

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Major Objectives for 2017... 

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December 2016

A new supporter sends Trailblazer a great note about why she donated the cost of a well for a rural family (see December 14th Facebook post)

June, 2017:  Since our founding in 2004, Trailblazer's first "intervention" in our comprehensive rural development strategy has been to provide our rural constituents with abundant clean water. This includes providing rural families with both water filters and wells. Along with building latrines, these wells and filters are the foundation of our Health Program. This program is Trailblazer's first line of offense in helping our partner villages transition from survival to sustainability, from poverty to productivity.
Clearly, drilling these wells is an important part of our work. Unfortunately, our well drilling equipment, which was purchased in 2009, is past its prime. Our existing machine is now eight years old, and wearing out. It has drilled close to 900 wells (at an average of 110 wells per year), providing nearly 4,500 rural villagers with access to cleaner, healthier water.

The new drilling equipment we want, and need, will cost $20,000. You can learn more about our effort to purchase new well drilling equipment, and make a contribution, here

As a nonprofit organization with our headquarters in the United States, Trailblazer Foundation received our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS on March 3, 2005, and a confirmation letter of our nonprofit status on August 25, 2010 (see IRS letters here).

Trailblazer Foundation has a Gold Level designation from GuideStar (see profile here).

- In 2017, Trailblazer will continue our most well-known activities at their present levels (providing wells, water filters, and schools), expand those activities that complete our well-rounded rural community development strategy (agricultural trainings, and income-generating opportunities), and purchase some much needed new equipment (to replace our aging well drilling and water filter construction equipment). Specifically, we will:

construct and distribute water filters to 450 rural families (with an average of five people per family).

-  drill new wells for 100 Cambodian families.

- provide 50 families with a new latrine, and the better hygiene that comes with it.

-  expand our Food Security Program so we can provide agricultural trainings to 180 people (an 80% increase in trainings from 2016).

- secure the funds needed to build a new secondary school in a rural Cambodian village, which will provide an education to approximately 400 children.

- work with 30 graduates of our agricultural trainings to launch a Farmer Community Group, through which these farmers (almost all women) will grow crops specifically for sale to stores and/or restaurants in Siem Reap City.

- donate 20 sewing machines to the local Women's Development Center, to be given to graduates of the Center's sewing training, so each graduate has a machine to work with at home, to make and sell clothes and other textiles/products.

-  provide each of the 24 Village Funds Trailblazer helped launch during the last 12 years with capacity building training (these Village Funds are a micro-loan program that enables rural villagers to get the capital they need to start or grow a business or meet some other financial need).