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​World Bank: Education is the Key to reducing poverty 

June 19, 2017:  The Khmer Times  interviews the outgoing country director for World Bank, who reflects on the value of education, and outlines three ways to help farmers raise their productivity and incomes. His ​recommendations for Cambodia supports Trailblazer Foundation's comprehensive rural community development strategy.

growing hydroponically 

March 18, 2016:  A new farm west of Siem Reap is "hoping to change the way that businesses and individuals in the city get their greens, and without relying on Siem Reap’s notoriously poor soil quality to do so." Trailblazer started using the same promising technique at our agricultural research plot (part of our office complex in Siem Reap) in 2015. 

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November 6, 2017:  The government has unveiled four strategies to eliminate malnutrition in the country, especially among children.  Prime Minister Hun Sen is enlisting state institutes, partners and NGOs to join the fight to eliminate malnutrition as the country holds national nutrition day today. Mr Hun Sen said the first strategy advocates to increase quantities and quality of food...                                               


Desperate Times for

cambodia's farmers

August 9, 2016:  As explained in this article, "In Southeast Asia, the year is divided into two periods: the dry season and the rainy season, which usually reaches Cambodia in May and lasts until October. The arrival of the rains is key for farmers in the region — it’s when they start planting and wells for the rest of the year are filled."

A Primer/Reminder on Cambodia's geography

November 21, 2015: This week is Geography Awareness Week, established by National Geographic Society to ensure that the United State’s youth are Geo-literate—that they understand how Earth’s interconnected human, ecological, and geophysical systems function. 

The Top 10 Cities in Asia

July 11, 2017:  This year’s winners are hubs for culture....When it comes to Asian cities, Travel+Leisure readers are shifting their allegiances. This year’s World’s Best list leans heavily toward ancient traditional capitals and tropical resort towns, rather than the sprawling, futuristic super-cities that have often dominated the rankings in the past.

Safe drinking water in Cambodia

July 27, 2017:  Plastic Free Cambodia shares about a common fear amongst travelers to Cambodia is safe drinking water. Here’s a guide to where you can get drinkable water without using 4.6 million plastic bottles. In Siem Reap, it’s estimated that 4.6 million water bottles are generated by the tourism industry alone.... 


One Good Turn & Expert-Exchange Medical Assessment..

September 30, 2017:  The idea with this project was to look objectively and conduct a medical assessment on how Expert-Exchange alongside other Doctors and professionals could help with Cambodia’s medical system and infrastructure.  Expert-Exchange and Dr Messer from One Good Turn completed a brief medical assessment over an 8 day period in September of 2017.


Malnutrition denies children opportunity and stunts economic development

February 25, 2016: The World Bank's Vice President for East Asia and Pacific makes an economic case for addressing malnutrition in the region, and supports the U.N.’s inclusion in the new Sustainable Development Goals the goal of ending all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030. 

Rice farmers bracing for droughts, floods

August 11, 2016:  This article states by explaining that, "Though the rice-planting season has started and nationwide rice cultivation this month has been higher than planned, farmers are worried that adverse weather events caused by climate change will ruin their crops."

​ADB tackles clean water access in Cambodia....

December 11, 2017:  The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) board of directors recently approved more than $50 million in loans to help expand and improve urban water supply and sanitation services in four of Cambodia’s largest provincial cities.                                              


​u.s. development assistance to cambodia may be slashed to zero

April 25, 2017:  A recent article in The Phnom Penh Post explains that, "an apparent US State Department budgetary document shows the body plans to gut foreign aid to Cambodia, completely eliminating all development assistance and slashing health programs funded by the State Department and USAID as well." This article was based on original article in Foreign Policy Magazine.

Rural latrine access

on the rise, gov’t finds


November 16, 2015:   An article in The Phnom Phen Post discusses the recent announcement by Cambodia's Ministry of Rural Development, that more than half of Cambodians now have access to improved sanitation such as latrines.

one more reason to support construction of latrines

October 26, 2016:  The Phnom Penh Post article explains how a recent study found that, in Cambodia, "the reduction in children’s exposure to open defecation can statistically account for much or all of the increase in average child height between 2005 and 2010."

CAMBODIA'S economic growth hinges on women  

July 18, 2016:  "Women’s inclusion and empowerment in Cambodia’s burgeoning financial sector is crucial for the Kingdom’s economic growth, said delegates yesterday at a regional economic forum." This is why Trailblazer is working with the local Women's Development Center.

Recent Noteworthy Media on Rural Community Development in Cambodia,

with a Focus on Trailblazer Foundation's Four Programs:  

Health, Food Security, Education, and Economic Development.

Long Island teens raise $280G for water filters, schools in Cambodia

April 9, 2017:  "Sisters Emmy and Rae Specht came home to Bellport from a family trip to Cambodia determined to help address the Southeast Asian country’s rural poverty and lack of safe drinking water. Seven years later, they and two of their friends have raised $280,000 to build one school and provide clean water for thousands of rural villagers in Cambodia." Some of those funds supported Trailblazer.


November 21, 2016:  In its recent "State of the World's Water 2016" report, the international NGO Water Aid said that Cambodia has made greatest improvement in increasing access to water.

An Insight, An Idea with Matt Damon and Gary White

January 19, 2017:  Matt Damon's first statement at this talk set the stage for what was a good discussion about water and sanitation:  "As I started to look at issues of extreme poverty that I wanted to get involved in a little over ten years ago, I was just shocked by how water underpinned everything."

Four Inspiring Lessons from the Women of Cambodia and Vietnam

February 20, 2017:  Cambodia has long been a matriarchy—a culture in which women are considered to be the more powerful and important gender. Females, especially mothers, often hold the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property.

Angkor's Tourism Boom Fails To Lift Locals

September 3, 2016:  Siem Reap is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. However, according to a recent article in The Cambodian Daily, most of the money coming in from the tourist industry fails to reach the people of the local communities surrounding Siem Reap. "In the midst of the tourism boom, local people’s livelihoods have not improved."


November 2, 2016:  A recent article in the Khmer Times starts by explaining that "The public has spoken and among their top priorities for spearheading sustainable development in Cambodia are eradicating poverty, administering quality education and achieving peace and justice."

‘Inadequate’ facilities may create school drop-outs

December 21, 2015: Article in the Phnom Phen Post explains how approximately 3 million students in Cambodia "are at risk of drop-out or under-performance as a result of inadequate basic infrastructure, according to research by a coalition of civil society groups."

new snack aims to prevent child malnutrition in Cambodia

August 13, 2016:  Al Jazeera’s Sohail Rahman, reporting from Phnom Penh, said that "Children across the capital Phnom Penh are trying out these snacks and researchers say the initial results seem promising."


November 12, 2015:  Research published in The Lancet shows that, despite reducing maternal mortality by 44% between 1990 and 2015, the world fell short of the Millennium Development Goals' 75% reduction target. Cambodia was one of ten succ​ess stories in reaching that target.

tackling global hunger with cambodian vegetables 

April 25, 2016:  According to the director of Nutrition and Health at the World Food Center, "Malnutrition continues to be a high priority in Cambodia. Despite the recent improvements in child health from efforts to reduce poverty, improve education, and promote immunization and breastfeeding, 40 percent of Cambodian children are stunted."


February 6, 2017:  Angelina Jolie is giving a first look at her new film and longtime passion project, "First They Killed My Father".  The film is based on the autobiography of Cambodian human rights activist and friend of Jolie’s Loung Ung.                       

​cambodian community leaders meet with group bringing aid to their home country

April 18, 2017:  Long Beach is home these days for survivors of the Killing Fields. But they pay close attention to what’s going on back home in their native Cambodia. And, so, community leaders were eager to meet with visitors from an international development group working in rural Cambodia.

cambodia has supplied clean water to about 50% of the  country's rural areas

July 21, 2016:  While we at Trailblazer are not entirely sure, we think our efforts to provide water filters and wells are included in these numbers. What we do know is that there is still much work to be done. Trailblazer will continue increasing that percentage closer to 100%.