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Nick and Cortney's Volunteer Experience, October 2015 (see below for more details).


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Fall 2015

short-term field work Volunteer Opportunities

With more and more villages in Cambodia requesting our services, we increasingly value the support we get from short term volunteers in Cambodia. In this capacity, you would be involved in one or more of the following activities:

-  constructing and delivering bio-sand water filters 
-  other activities, listed in the "Introduction" link below 

The work you will do is almost entirely manual labor that is done outdoors, and some tasks are more physically demanding than others. While these laborious activities are perhaps not the most glamorous work, it is important work and vital to Trailblazer Foundation fulfilling our mission. 

If volunteering with Trailblazer sounds like a great opportunity, but you still have questions about the experience, we encourage you to read through our Introduction to Volunteer Opportunties With Trailblazer Foundation and Volunteer Protocols for more details. 

​If you are interested in a short term volunteer stint with Trailblazer in Cambodia, please contact Chris Coats, our Executive Director, Provide the dates you are interested in volunteering, and any other details about your travel plans, lodging, and visit to Siem Reap that you think would be valuable.​ Chris will get back to you quickly, and hopefully we can schedule you to come and join us.

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