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Trailblazer Foundation Raises $20,000 for new Well Drilling Equipment.
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Purchasing New Well Drilling Equipment

- Trailblazer Foundation's Summer 2017 Fundraising Appeal -

Hello Friends of Trailblazer Foundation, 

Since co-founding Trailblazer Foundation thirteen years ago, I lived in Cambodia for six years, and have spent a month or more visiting there during each of the other seven years. Even with all of that experience, I am still frequently overwhelmed by the difficult conditions in which Cambodian villagers live. 
At the top of the list of things that still most shock me is the traditional pit wells that villagers typically use. Yes, the pictures above are examples of that type of "well."  It's not right, and it's certainly not healthy.
Since our founding in 2004, Trailblazer's first "intervention" in our comprehensive rural development strategy has been to provide our rural constituents with abundant clean water.... healthy water, water that is safe to drink, to cook with, and to use for washing. This includes providing rural families with both water filters and deep wells (not the surface pit wells shown above).

Along with building latrines, these wells and filters are the foundation

of our Health Program. This program is Trailblazer's first line of

offense in helping our partner villages transition from survival to

sustainability, from poverty to productivity.
Clearly, drilling these wells is an important part of our work. 

Unfortunately, our well drilling equipment, which was purchased in

2009, is past its prime. 

At the start of 2017, our team in Cambodia told me that the well

drilling equipment was starting to show signs of wear, but that there

was no immediate hurry to replace it. Last month, they let me know

the equipment has become a drag on the productivity of their well

drilling team. Instead of the team taking one day to drill a well, they

are now spending two-to-three days per well. The reasons for this are

                                                                                                   First, our existing machine is now eight years                                                                                                       old, and wearing out. It has drilled close to 900                                                                                                     wells (at an average of 110 wells per year),                                                                                                            providing nearly 4,500 rural villagers with                                                                                                            access to cleaner, healthier water. Second, as we                                                                                                    expand our efforts into additional villages in                                                                                                         different districts, our team is drilling into more                                                                                                    rocky soil, and needing to drill deeper to reach                                                                                                      water. So, we now want to purchase a drilling                                                                                                        unit that is stronger, drills a bigger borehole,                                                                                                          and can drill down to 90 meters.

                                                                                                  The new drilling equipment we want, and need,                                                                                                    will cost $20,000. To help meet this goal, we                                                                                                         have already received $10,000 in "leadership"   gifts from two sources, Abercrombie and Kent Travel and a private individual (who is a long-standing donor to Trailblazer).
We are now looking to the rest of our existing donors, as well

as prospective donors, to provide the other $10,000. We hope

our leadership gifts will inspire you to donate now, so Trailblazer

can purchase the new equipment we need.
Your support now will help Trailblazer reach our goal of drilling

100 new wells in 2017, thereby providing cleaner, healthier

water to 500 Cambodian villagers. Better yet, your contribution

will enable Trailblazer to continue drilling wells for rural

Cambodian families for many years. 

And, if you make a contribution of $290 or more (the cost of drilling a well), we will recognize your support by placing your name on one of the first wells we drill with the new equipment.

I hope you will make a first time contribution to Trailblazer Foundation, and help us purchase this important equipment. Your contribution will be an investment in Trailblazer's work that will benefit literally hundreds of families and thousands of people for years to come. 

Kind Regards,

Chris Coats
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Trailblazer Foundation

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