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Providing Water Filters to Seventy Cambodian Families

- Trailblazer Foundation's Winter 2017 Fundraising Appeal -

Hello Friends of Trailblazer Foundation, 
Trailblazer Foundation prides itself on helping Cambodian villagers, and more broadly entire villages, move from survival to sustainability. As our tagline above highlights, for Trailblazer, this process starts with community water projects. 

From our thirteen years of experience, we at Trailblazer know that providing a water filter to each family that wants one is the first step toward those family members living a more sustainable, healthy life.
I am writing to ask for your help in completing

this process for two villages in Cambodia

- Kok Kak and Kbal Krapeu village.

Both of these villages are in Cambodia's

Siem Reap province, Trailblazer's geographic

area of focus. In each village, there are 35

families that want a water filter, but haven't

received one yet.  

By making a financial contribution now, you

will help Trailblazer provide these 70 families

with clean water. Given an average family size

of five, you would be helping improve the health,

and thus quality of living, for 350 people in Cambodia.

Distributing water filters is a major part of Trailblazer's work in our Health program (along with drilling wells and building latrines). We focus on these initial steps because,as the Buddha once said, "Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering." 

This truth explains why Trailblazer's first priority is the health of our partner villages. If a family is to move out of poverty, they need to be healthy enough to pursue their other basic needs: food, education, and economic opportunities.

Clean water and latrines tie Trailblazer's work into a worldwide health strategy known as WASH. WASH stands for "Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene," a group of interrelated public health issues which are the focus of many international development organizations. WASH programs are widely considered to hold great potential for improving health, life expectancy, student learning, gender equality, and other key benefits. These are the same benefits Trailblazer seeks to provide our village partners through our comprehensive rural community development strategy. And that strategy starts with clean water.
To that end, Trailblazer collaborates with our

Cambodian affiliate, Trailblazer Angkor, to

track which families want a water filter

and/or well, and which families have received

one. Not all families want a well, as they

already have a water source. Through this

"mapping" process, Trailblazer knows there

are a few villages where we are close to

providing all of the water filters that village

In the case of Kok Kak and Kbal Krapeu

villages, with another 35 water filters each, 

Trailblazer will have supplied these life-affirming products to every family who wants one.
Trailblazer can reach this goal with $5,600. You can provide a family with a water filter for $80. Smaller contributions will play an important role in Trailblazer bringing clean water and health to the people of these villages. Obviously, a larger donation will allow us to support that many more families. 
You can make any size contribution via the red box below. 
Healthy drinking water. We who live in more fortunate circumstances tend to take it for granted. I hope you will help Trailblazer provide that same assurance to the parents and children in Kok Kak and Kbal Krapeu villages. With your contribution, you will have given these families an important step up in their efforts to move from survival to sustainability.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide. We'll toast you with a glass of clean water.

Chris Coats
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Success Story

- Trailblazer Receives Contributions For Seventy Water Filters, Plus Some -

     We are happy to report that we raised significantly more than our goal. In fact, we raised      

     more than $14,000. This included one anonymous contribution for the cost of thirty-five

     water filters, enough to provide filters to all who wanted one in one of our two chosen          

     villages. With the additional funding, we will have more resources to meet our overall

     annual goal of constructing and delivering 450 water filters to rural families in Siem Reap

     To those of you who contributed to our most successful quarterly appeal yet, we toast you

     with a glass of clean water.

Trailblazer Foundation

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