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Join Chris Coats, Trailblazer’s co-founder and executive director, for part of her annual trip to Cambodia.  During this week-long tour, you will see and experience the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, both rural villages and floating villages, the country’s largest lake, and other sites along the way.

This is Trailblazer Foundation’s first-ever tour to Cambodia, and Chris is looking forward to sharing this unique and diverse experience with you.
As your host and personal guide throughout the week, Chris will introduce you to Trailblazer’s Cambodian staff, work along side of you at Trailblazer’s worksite, share lunch with you in a rural village, join you in touring and shopping at the local Women’s Development Center, and be with you for all other activities.

During your down time in Siem Reap, you can explore the small city, known for its many markets, cultural museums, artisan shops, smaller active temples, and vibrant Pub Street.

Other commercial tours to Siem Reap typically see the standard sites: Angkor Wat and Tonlé Sap. With Trailblazer Foundation, you will see much more, as you experience firsthand Trailblazer’s rural community development program. Better yet, you will be supporting Trailblazer’s work, as a small percentage of your cost is earmarked as a contribution to Trailblazer Foundation.

Join Trailblazer Foundation's

Co-founder/Executive Director, Chris Coats,

On a Six-Day Tour in Cambodia's Siam Reap Province...

We'll be together September 14 - 20, 2018

(You can come earlier and/or stay longer, if you wish)

Highlights include:

-  Tour Angkor Wat and other temples at the world-renowned Angkor Archeological Park 

-  Experience the floating villages of Tonlé Sap, Cambodia’s largest lake 

-  Visit Trailblazer’s worksite, and help our Cambodian staff build water filters 

-  Join Trailblazer’s staff as they deliver water filters to one or more rural villages 

-  Meet our economic development partners at the local Women’s Development Center 

-  Enjoy an evening presentation of Phare, the Cambodian youth circus of high-flying acrobatics


This trip of a lifetime is priced at $800 plus airfare, which includes a small donation to Trailblazer Foundation. More details about this adventure are provided below. For more information about the tour and how to book your ticket, please contact Chris Coats at or (307) 399-2192.

Should you want to visit other places in southeast Asia, Friendly Planet Travel can help you book tours elsewhere in Cambodia and Vietnam before and after your time in Siem Reap.

International airfare:
This is estimated at a cost of US $1,100 per person round trip from Los Angeles to Siem Reap. Friendly Planet can assist passengers with domestic flights from other gateways in the USA at a supplemental cost.

Siem Reap, September 14-20 2018
Per person sharing a double room, Sakmut Boutique Hotel: US$800.

Rates include the following services:

  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • 6 nights accommodations with breakfast
  • Transportation to and from Trailblazer sites
  • Half day tour to Tonle Sap with lunch at local home, vehicle and guide
  • Half day tour to Angkor Wat with vehicle and guide
  • Phare circus tickets
  • 1 week Angkor Wat pass

 Rates do not include:

  • Airfare, international or domestic
  • Visa for Cambodia
  • Meals not mentioned
  • Tips and gratuities

Additional Tour Options Through Friendly Planet Travel:

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Your Itinerary

–  A Week of World-Renowned and Off-The-Beaten Path Experiences  –

*** This is our ideal schedule. However, parts of it are contingent on factors outside of our control. Some changes in the scheduling may occur. We will announce those changes as soon as we know about them.

Fri (09/14):      Evening:        Dinner and orientation to trip itinerary, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap.

Sat (09/15):     Morning:        Visit to Angkor Wat and Women’s Development Center
                        Lunch:            In Temple complex with group
                        Afternoon:      Return to town and relax (or non-guided trip to Angkor Wat)
                        Evening:        Dinner with group, then relax on your own

Sun (09/16):    Morning:        Trip to Tonle Sap Floating Villages
                        Lunch:            On Floating Villages tour
                        Afternoon:      Return to town and relax (or non-guided trip to Angkor Wat)
                        Evening:        Dinner and show at Phare Circus

Mon (09/17):   Morning:        Visit Trailblazer’s worksite and meet staff
                        Lunch:            In town with the group
                        Afternoon:      Return to town and relax (or non-guided trip to Angkor Wat)
                        Evening:        Dinner with group, then relax on your own

Tue (09/18):    Morning:        Volunteer at Trailblazer worksite, constructing water filters for delivery
                        Lunch:            In town with the group
                        Afternoon:      Visit to Angkor Wat
                        Evening:        Dinner, visit Pub Street

Wed (09/19):   Morning:        Join Trailblazer staff on water filer deliveries to rural village(s)
                        Lunch:            With rural family(ies) as part of water filter delivery
                        Afternoon:      Complete delivery, return to town and relax   
                        Evening:        Dinner, closing thanks (some may have late evening flights home)

Thu (09/20):                           On your own, contingent on departure time, Angkor Wat, etc.

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